11 Signs Your Child Might Have Autism

Children with autism think, speak and behave differently from their peers. They can often seem completely absorbed in themselves and may seem more interested in moving their fingers than playing or interacting with other people. This is because the classic symptoms of autism are marked by deficits in verbal communication skills. Something as simple as finding out what they want for lunch or knowing if they are happy or sad can become extremely difficult. Sometimes the signs that a child has this disorder can be obvious, but other times special attention should be paid to the little details.

Despite the difficulties, there are tips that can help you establish conversations with autistic children. That’s why we at Life Hacks want to share with you a list of recommendations that can facilitate the way you communicate with your child or help you strengthen your bond with them.

1. Before turning 12 months

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You can begin to recognize the symptoms of autism in babies around 6 and 12 months. It usually happens when the parents, or those who interact with the child, notice that the little one does not reach the typical achievements during their first year of life. Some of the signs are:

  • They don’t pay attention to new faces.
  • They don’t respond to loud noises.
  • They don’t grab or hold objects.
  • They don’t respond to a parent’s smile
  • They are not trying to attract attention through actions.
  • They have no interest in participating in interactive games with people.